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My name is Kelly Meyer and it was two things that primarily inspired me to start Ocean Breeze in 2023: my love for the beach and the memory of my grandmother.

My grandmother, Alvera, lived to be 100 years old and her skills as a seamstress knew no bounds. She could create anything from throw pillows and napkins, to ball gowns and suits. It was that gift for taking fabric and using it to create something as personal as clothing that inspired me to learn sewing after she passed. Since then, I've sold my products at craft fairs, made custom dresses for private school dances, and worked with other small businesses to create a wide array of custom products.

But what I most enjoy is creating things for my family and friends, and that's why I started Ocean Breeze: to extend that same level of care and provide it for families all over the country. As a lifelong Marylander, I've spent large portions of every summer in Ocean City, MD. First, growing up with my parents and three siblings, and now with my husband and our two young daughters. I love creating matching swimsuits for them and I'd love to do it for you as well!
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